FAQ & How to register

Welcome to our Fit Kidz 4 Fun new registration website. This new registration portal will help parents register and have their own portal with ease.

Signing up for summer camp?

How to register:


1. click on the summer camp tab

2. select the location of the camp you are enrolling your child in

3. Make an account

4. follow the prompts such as selecting your weeks, paperwork, payment option

5. checkout and pay. that is it!


If you are enrolling more than 1 child for a sibling discount


1. follow steps 1 through 4 above

2. at the checkout screen at the top there is an option select classes for a new participant.

3. select that option

4. you will repeat some steps other than your information

5. at checkout you will see both of your children or 3 listed along with the added sibling discount

6. if any issues please text or call 407-777-4903

you will receive a follow-up registration email. 

other camp information such as orientation, camp schedules.

Signing up our after school programs?

Please click on the After School Tab to find your child's school to enroll.

1. If you are selecting to save 18% by paying in full, the discount will be given at the very end of checkout. Simply select the Pay in Full option and checkout.

2. If selecting monthly: This is a Month to Month option. Although it will give you the total cost for the year, YOU ARE NOT locked into any contract and can cancel anytime with a 10-day notice prior to the 1st of every month. 

3. All waivers and information that has a red asterisk* are mandatory. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call or text us at 407-777-4903.


After Registering:

1. You should have received a receipt and Welcome message!

2. Make sure you confirm your start date. This should be in your Welcome email. Schools start on different dates. some begin at the end of August while others begin in the second week of September. Please confirm the start date on your receipt or Welcome email.


Days before starting

1. What should my child bring?

* Athletic clothes * Fun attitude * Snack of the week * Water *Sunscreen and/or a hat 


2. Where does my child report to after dismissal?

The school administration will announce over the intercom at dismissal where the Fit Kidz will meet their assigned Youth Coach so that there is no confusion! Some schools have our group meet in the cafeteria, others in the main hallway, others in the outdoor pavilion, etc.

The school also notifies your child's teacher that they're in the program. If your child is in kindergarten or 1st grade, their teacher will most likely walk your child to our Youth Coach.

TIP: If you send a reminder note to your child's teacher that they're in our program, this can be helpful!

Day of program

1. Your child reports to our Youth Coach at their designated meeting area at the school.

2. Activities of various sports and fun fitness activities are planned during their time with the coach.



Once the program is finished parents and/or guardians are to pick up their children at the assigned area. Each school is different and we will update this section once confirmed with your school.